Many of our MBSS graduates have not had the opportunity to go on to college, in particular girls, who culturally and historically have been denied educational opportunities. In response we are now starting a sponsorship program for low-income, high-achieving South Sudanese high school graduates.

Beginning in 2017, the VAD Foundation helps South Sudanese high school graduates pursue post-secondary education in the following ways: 

1. Endowment for Public Service Leadership

2. MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program

3. College Access Services

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The VAD Foundation and The School of Public Service (SPS) at the University of Juba have created a program that will run for approximately 25 years and will cover the annual costs of a Professor of Public Leadership, 40 undergraduate scholarships (Public Service Scholars) and 10 graduate scholarships (Public Service Fellows). 

The Endowment for Public Service Leadership is a unique opportunity for a donor to create a powerful legacy in support of South Sudan’s public service and long-term development.
After 5 years, the endowment will have produced a cadre of 75 Scholars and Fellows. 
At 10 years, the cadre will have grown to 150.
At 25 years, there will be 375 skilled and committed leaders working in the public, NGO and private sectors in South Sudan.

The university-level Public Service Scholars program will enable our high-achieving Marial Bai Secondary School graduates to enroll in a four-year university program at the University of Juba or a three-year medical diploma program at Aweil Health Sciences Institute. Two of the Public Service Scholars will be dedicated to high-achieving, visually impaired students who are already enrolled in an undergraduate program at the University of Juba. The Public Service Fellows program will enable government, NGO and private sector professionals to study at the School of Public Service (SPS) and will focus on building robust leadership and management skills. The Professor of Public Leadership will coordinate enrichment programs benefiting the Scholars and Fellows.

The VAD Foundation will act as fiscal sponsor to a joint endowment with the University of Juba and the Aweil Health Sciences Institute, called the Endowment for Public Service Leadership, enabling donors to give with a long-lasting impact.  Donors contribute directly to the Endowment for Public Service. These funds will be responsibly invested through a Barron's Top 100 Independent Financial Adviser. Oversight will be conducted by the VAD Foundation and a Board of Advisers from the three organizations. All donations to the joint endowment are tax-deductible. 

Like all endowments, the original grant will be invested. Each year interest earned from the endowment will be withdrawn to cover the scholarships and professor’s salary.  Any interest earnings in excess of these distributions will be returned to build the fund’s principal value. In this way, the endowment will leverage investment returns to supplement the initial grant. Based on an annual cost of $120,020, we estimate a grant of $1.8 M will cover the costs of the program for 25 years.

The table below are the associated costs: 

Create a Legacy ($100)

I am ready to make a long-term investment in South Sudan and give to the interest-bearing scholarship endowment fund benefitting over 300 undergraduates and MPA students over a 25-year period.

2. MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program

The MasterCard Foundation believes that all young people, no matter their starting point in life, should have an equal chance to obtain a quality education and pursue their aspirations. The vision of The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program (MCFSP) is to develop a group of next-generation leaders who will contribute to the economic and social transformation of the African continent. This is a global initiative to educate and develop the leadership capabilities of 15,000 young people from economically disadvantaged backgrounds primarily in Sub-Saharan Africa – students who are bright, academically talented, and demonstrate a commitment to making a difference in the lives of others.

The African Leadership Academy, on behalf of the MasterCard Foundation, establishes relationships with recruitment organizations such as the Marial Bai Secondary School to nominate low-income, high-achieving sub-Saharan African students as applicants. Following the nomination, the MCFSP selection committee undertakes a rigorous selection process that includes an analysis of previous academic performance, written applications, recommendations, and interviews. The committee then matches selected Scholars to university partners that best fit their academic, personal, and professional goals. 

For the 2018 incoming freshman year, the VAD Foundation will nominate up to 20 talented South Sudanese high school graduates, of which 4-6 will be selected by MCSFP selection committee and matched with the following university partners:

Africa University, Zimbabwe
African Leadership University, Mauritius
Agnes Scott College, U.S.
Jacobs University, Germany
Marist College, U.S.
Quest University, Canada
Trinity College, U.S.
United States International University, Kenya
University of Rochester, U.S.
West Virginia University, U.S.

First-round nominations will occur between June 30, 2017 and July 25, 2017 for the 2018 fall academic year. VAD Foundation will be inviting graduates to apply during this time. Additionally, if you are a classmate, former teacher or advisor of a talented MBSS alumnus, and would like to nominate a MBSS alumnus who graduated in the past two years (2015 or 2016), please contact Director of Development ( to request further information.

Attention: MBSS Graduates

If you scored higher than 75 on your SEC in 2015 or 2016 and are in need of financial assistance to attend university, please feel free to complete the first-round application before July 25, 2017. The recommender form can be downloaded here. Disclaimer: An online application is no guarantee of nomination in the first round. 

3. College Access Support for MBSS Graduates

The VAD Foundation refers MBSS graduates to the U.S. Embassy's EducationUSA office--more commonly known as "The American Corner" at the library of University of Juba. The American Corner is dedicated to helping students to apply to colleges in the United States. There is a computer lab for students to research colleges around the world and access online learning, and books that to help them prepare for the SATs, TOEFL and other standardized admissions tests. 

The VAD Foundation is partnering with Akili Dada in Nairobi to offer one MBSS female graduate to enroll in Akili Dada's prestigious gap year academy. The nine-month long program provides room and board in Nairobi in a girls' only dormitory, learning in an English language immersion, internships and opportunities to teach in low-income primary schools in Nairobi, SAT preparation classes, and college application support. 

The VAD Foundation is in the process of signing Memoranda of Understanding with several post-secondary institutions to ensure automatic fee-pay (private) admission to all our MBSS graduates. The University of Juba and Aweil Health Sciences Institute are our current "fee-pay" partners; we hope to expand to other universities in East Africa in the future.  The VAD Foundation also hopes to match low-income, high performing graduates with sponsors from around the world starting in 2018. 

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 HELP NOW ($6,000) 

I want to help now. Donate a one-time gift to cover the costs of tuition and board for one student to attend university or study a medical diploma program in South Sudan. The VAD Foundation can arrange a sponsorship that allows supporters like you to change a life now. 


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