May 2015 Update

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April was an exciting month for the VAD Foundation. Students at MBSS are enjoying cooler weather as they prepare for the rainy season. The school accepted an additional 50 students from the Jonglei State. Their school was closed and MBSS was happy to offer students with the greatest need for relocation an opportunity to continue their studies. 

Eighth grade students at St. Matthews Episcopal Day School in San Mateo, CA hosted co-founder Dave Eggers for a conversation with students and parents as part of their service learning class project that focuses on the addressing UN Millinium Development Goals. This was a wonderful opportunity for the community to come together and learn about the challenges facing the South Sudanese community and to support providing high quality local teachers for the students at Marial Bai Secondary School. 

The VAD Foundation is honored to be joining leaders from around the world in Marrakech, Morocco at the first Clinton Global Initiative: Middle East & Africa meeting. Valentino Deng will convene with changemakers who are focused on development and progress in the Middle East and Africa. 

"CGI Middle East & Africa will spotlight regional successes and leverage participants’ influence and expertise to address a range of relevant issues including: education, public health systems, youth employment, infrastructure, and natural resource management." --CGI

Valentino Deng is honored to present the amazing progress from the VAD Foundations 2007 commitment to increase access to Secondary Education in South Sudan and finding partners for a commitment to creating employment opportunities and providing vocational training in sustainability and technology. Young men and women will be paired with trade mentors and recieve classes in micro-enterprises, financial literacy, and STEM basics. This program will target individuals who face immediate barriers to completing a four year secondary school program, but need additional education to obtain employment. This program will have a two-fold affect by giving participants immediate ability to provide for their families and also foster local economic growth.  

Last month we updated you on our student sponsorships for the year. As of March, our sponsors have been matched with 58% of scholars. You've pushed us even closer to our goal, with current sponsors for 67% of the Marial Bai Secondary School student body. We still need your help to make the 2015 school year a success! 

Each student sponsorship guarantees meals, school supplies, bedding, and mosquito nets for the year. We requested your immediate action and so many of you rose to the challenge and made the commitment of $21/month for twelve months or a one time donation of $252. Some individuals have even chosen to sponsor more than one student!

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One of the VAD Foundation's sister organizations, Voice of Witness is celebrating their 10 year anniversary this Friday, May 6th.

Voice of Witness published Out of Exile: Narratives From the Abducted and Displaced People of Sudan. The stories are from individuals Dave Eggers encountered with Valentino Deng during the creation of What is the What.

Join for an evening of inspiring speakers at the Brava Theater in San Francisco, CA.

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Yvonne Chen