June 2015 Updates

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The school farm began planting last semester before the start of the rainy season. As students return this June from their short break to begin the second semester, their seedlings have matured and will continue to grow until the annual harvest.

The crops grown on campus reduce the cost of the school nutrition program that feeds all students and staff at MBSS. Growing rice, sorghum, sunflower, and sesame are the primary crops at the school. These provide the staple dietary energy supply for meals all year around. In the midst of the rainy season, fish becomes available as a seasonal protein, in contrast to the peanuts available in the dry season. 


Last month we updated you on our student sponsorships for the year. As of May, our sponsors had been matched with 67% of scholars. You've pushed us even closer to our goal, with current sponsors for 83% of the Marial Bai Secondary School student body. We still need your help to make the 2015 school year a success! You can gaurantee that each student receives daily meals, school supplies, bedding, and mosquito nets.  Some generous supporters have chosen to sponsor more than one student! We need you to rise to the challenge and make sure every single one of our students has the basic necessities to succeed. 

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Thank you for your ongoing support!  

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Yvonne Chen